About LaCosta Environmental

Lake TravisWhat Drives Us?

At LaCosta Environmental, LLC, providing outstanding assistance to our customers in Water Conservation & Drought Contingency Planning, Technical Support, Public & Utility Education, Best Management Practices, and Regulatory Compliance is our primary goal. Maintaining a competitive edge by being highly informed, experienced, and competent in and on water conservation, drought contingency, and water supply issues is our fundamental strategy. Long term goals include the development of tools, databases, and software that will enhance the value and practicality of the services.


Our customers are water users that are trying to reduce long term water use so that demand does not exceed supply, have a short term water supply issue and need to implement water use restrictions, or have a compliance issue that needs to be resolved.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be informed, innovative, and reliable in providing specific expertise on Water Conservation Programs, Drought Contingency Plans, and regulatory water services.